Quality Matters (QM) and Online Learning

As I think more in-depth about the Quality MattersTM Rubric Standards 2011-2013 Edition as it relates to my online learning environment, I feel knowledge is very much constructed between individuals. In my online learning environment, my goal is to provide information for my learners (through authentic contexts), but allow them the opportunity build and/or construct the knowledge from their previous experiences. I want my learners to become creative and innovative in how they think and how they can best utilize the information given to them. The QM rubric only standardizes how we “should” create online environments, and fails to integrate different approaches, such as constructivism or constructionism, into the standard. So, to answer the question, does my epistemological orientation align with the QM standards, no, it does not. The QM rubric needs some work. 🙂

As for my practical considerations, I will use the QM standards as an assessment tool to review my online course. But, as many in the class would agree, it’s not a rulebook and there are so many other elements of online learning not included in the QM standards that need to be addressed. 



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