Building Trust in Online Learning Environments

Trust is a HUGE component in online learning environments.  Nancy Ortner (2010) say it all so well; collaborative work requires 90% people and 10% technology. As we’ve learned in this course, technology is a huge component to effective online learning environments, but if there is any lack of trust between the course instructors and his/her students, technology can’t help save the course from crashing. As Ortner, 2010 notes, trust is considered the “superglue” in holding an online learning environment together. Ortner, 2010 notes several trust strategies developed by Coopola (2005) that are integral to building an online learning environment and community. Of those mentioned, I am particularly interested in establishing early communication, developing a positive social atmosphere, reinforcing predictable patterns of communication and actions, and involving team members in tasks in my online course. I believe following these strategies will help your students build not only trust with you as an instructor, but trust with other students in the course. Trust is only built AFTER some learning and interaction has taken place. As we build our online learning environments, it’s important to think about to build interaction into the course so students find opportunities to connect with each other and the instructor. Because, then, trust will be built. 

It’s interesting to note that creating predictable patterns of communication and actions increased engagement and collaboration within a course. Students need patterns and consistency, as we learned from Spiegel’s article a few weeks ago, to effectively engage within an online learning environment. Conrad discussed the importance of creating good content that allows for good interaction and that the instructor presence is not the most important factor for engagement.

So, as I continue to build my final module and online learning environment for this course, I need to continue to remind myself to build assets into my course that will help build trust not only between my students and myself, but among the students themselves. 


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