Transformational Learning – How to Best Integrate into Online Learning

In my learning technologies course tonight, I listened to a presentation on transformational learning given by Prof. Aaron Doering ( I found his presentation very meaningful to me. I’ve been exposed to his topic in the past, and it certainly relates directly to our topic for this week, pedagogical design. Transformational learning includes the following guidelines: 1- designing experiences, not products 2- trust 3- learning as designers 4- learners as experts 5- aesthetics 6- self-narrative 7- TPAK 8- innovative pedagogy – design as a learner! It’s important for us as online designers, to consider Doering’s 9.5 design guidelines. In the article, Using the Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge Framework to Design Online Learning Environments and Professional Development (Doering, Veletsianos, Scharber, & Miller, 2009), it discussed the need to use the Technological, Pedagogical, Content, Knowledge (TPACK) framework in designing online learning environments.  TPACK is the starting point for teachers to become effective classroom facilitators of transformative learning experiences. There is already much scholarly research and work on the effectiveness of using TPACK. Mezinrow (1991) notes this definition of transformational learning theory:  The process of becoming critically aware of how and why our assumptions have come to constrain the way we perceive, understand, and feel about our world; changing these structures of habitual expectation to make possible a more inclusive, discriminating, and integrating perspective; and finally, making choices or otherwise acting upon these new understandings. I think there are additional opportunities to look at integrating transformation learning into  online learning environments focusing on TPACK as an effective framework to shape the pedagogy of the course. 


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